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Doctor and Patient talking over tablet - telehealth.

Continue to see Patients, No Matter the Distance

Blum Telehealth provides a virtual solution for patients & doctors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telehealth allows doctors and patients to talk to each other over a smartphone, tablet, computer, or other communications device. For people living in remote areas, it was and still is often the only way they can consult a doctor without a long commute. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and relaxed regulations to virtual care, the number of patients and healthcare professionals using telehealth skyrocketed within only a few weeks.

Blum Telehealth is the first Bluetooth-enabled telehealth solution that allows measure vital signs during a telehealth session in real-time. Monitoring blood pressure, taking the temperature, and even looking into patients’ eyes and ears are a few of the possible applications.

Blum Telehealth is HIPAA-compliant and platform-neutral, which enables physicians to use it in combination with their preferred EMR system. They can even use it as a stand-alone solution.

If you need a telehealth solution, that also offers modules for Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Behavioral Health Intervention (BHI), and a Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), we have got the solution you are looking for.

How Blum Telehealth benefits you:

  • Monitor vital signs online

Blum Telehealth is the first Bluetooth-enabled telehealth application that allows healthcare professionals to see vital signs in real-time, allowing them to monitor blood pressure and temperature and even look into patients’ eyes and ears.

  • Platform-neutral application

Blum Telehealth is platform-neutral, and you can combine it with your existing EHR solution or use it as a stand-alone application.

  • Versatile and HIPAA compliant

Blum Telehealth is a cutting-edge, HIPAA-compliant telehealth application that has all the features you need: payments, scheduling, reporting, roles administration (provider, administrator, scheduler), multi-participant sessions, no-show management, and more.

With Blum Telehealth you get:

  • Platform-neutral Solution
  • Vital Sign Measurement
  • Multi-participant Sessions
  • Modules for CCM, RPM, BHI, CoCM
  • HL7 / HIPAA Compliant
  • Integrated Scheduling and Payments
  • Reporting

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