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Accounts Receivable Recovery and Collection

Accounts Receivable Recovery and Collection
Accounts Receivable Recovery

Recover Lost Profit, Reduce Aging Accounts with QuickCollect

Managing accounts receivable is often the last item on the “to do” list, but neglect of timely follow-up on past due accounts is one of the biggest factors in out-of-control receivables. Instead of waiting until an account is uncollectible and turning it over to a costly traditional collection agency, why not try a proactive solution? QuickCollect is the answer.

Treating patients with respect collects more money.

With QuickCollect, we target a past due account before it gets deep into the “debt spiral”. We use a time-tested, highly efficient recovery process that gently engages with your indebted clients before a more direct approach is required. Our staff is regularly trained on the latest rules and regulations to meet PCI & HIPAA compliance. We treat your patients with respect because we know respect collects more money. That means you recover more accounts, faster, and with much less risk to your valuable client relationships.

We solve your Accounts Receivable problem.

You maintain complete control of the process with detailed reporting through our web-based QuickCollect portal, and direct contact once your client initiates repayment. Preserve your customers’ goodwill and reclaim the profit that is rightfully yours.

Take action before it is too late.

When accounts are aging, time is of the essence. Don’t wait until an amount is uncollectible. Statistically, the chance to collect an overdue amount declines by 8% every 30 days. Try to collect as much as possible in your office within the first 90 days. Let us take over from there once your aging accounts reach 90 days.

The higher the turnover in your Accounts Receivable, the less cash you have to find somewhere else.

A well-run medical practice has only 10-15% of accounts receivable past 90 days. Who is managing accounts receivable in your practice? What would you do with the cash if we collected it for you?

With QuickCollect, we can help you achieve:

  • Increased Client Retention
  • Twice the Average Recovery Rate
  • A Process Where You Stay In Control
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Complete PCI & HIPAA compliance

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