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Patient Payment Processing

Patient Payment Processing
Payment Processing

More Payment Options, More Revenue with ChoicePay

According to recent studies, it’s getting increasingly difficult to collect money from patients. The American Medical Association recommends private practices be more efficient in collecting revenue by making full use of what can be done electronically. However, how do you address this in your practice? Do you already apply an efficient payment processing solution? That is to say, do you have a solution that makes it easy, convenient, and secure for your patients to pay you at their office visit and thereafter? Further, do you offer an online payment option?

Introducing ChoicePay

ChoicePay is a cost-effective, web-based payment processing solution. It is designed to calculate, process, and collect your patient payments quickly. Our system is HIPAA and PCI compliant and designed to simplify and accelerate your revenue cycle process. Moreover, it works with any practice management system.

A comprehensive patient payment processing solution for your practice

The ChoicePay system contains everything you need. It allows you to calculate the patient’s out-of-pocket costs and secure payment information. In addition, it lets you schedule payments, and automate recurring payment plans. Moreover, our payment processing solution software comprises several distinct modules. That is to say, when you combine them, you get one of the most intelligent and comprehensive patient payment processing solutions on the market.

The payment processing solution your patients appreciate

The results of a recent study show that patients have changed their payment preferences:

  • 54% of patients want to monitor their provider payments electronically.
  • 43% of patients would automate payments to avoid manual data entry in the office and online.
  • 43% of patients would store their preferred payment details with their provider.
  • 63% of consumers express extraordinary interest in participating in payment plans to avoid bad debt.

Certainly, ChoicePay meets the needs of practices and patients. Firstly, for the practice, it eliminates tedious, repetitive payment-related tasks while creating a consistent cash flow. Secondly, for patients, it provides flexibility as they can receive care now and pay at the office visit or over time. In addition, ChoicePay allows you to set up payment plans quickly and easily.

Now is the time for a payment processing solution that meets your patients’ expectations and improves your practice’s cash flow.

ChoicePay benefits:

  • Allow Contactless Payments and Online Payments
  • Works with Any Practice Management System
  • Automate Payment Plans
  • Reduce Patient Bad Debt
  • Get Paid Faster
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • HL7 Compatibility
  • HIPAA & PCI Compliance
HIPAA compliant
PCI DSS compliant
P2PE PCI validated
EMV - NFC capable

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