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Medical Coding Review and Assessment

Medical Coding Review and Assessment
Medical coding review

Guard Profits, Reduce Coding Errors with AuditGuard

You deserve to be paid for the medical care you provide, but it is essential that you avoid improper billing practices to steer clear of trouble and maintain a thriving medical practice. When was the last time you had a medical coding review in your practice? When was the last time you assessed your billing practices? Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to maintain the highest level of compliance and avoid costly coding mistakes while actually increasing your reimbursement rates?

You can with our comprehensive AuditGuard service.

With AuditGuard, our certified coders will provide a thorough review of your medical coding, billing, and reimbursement processes. We can identify areas of risk for your practice and even provide training for documentation techniques that can improve your workflow.

Tangible and meaningful results that allow you to take action for lasting effects.

Once the audit is performed, you’ll be given a detailed report and a consultation with an AuditGuard specialist. We go beyond a simple error report and actually recommend corrective actions. We can even provide support and training to implement those actions. Are you ready to learn more?

AuditGuard allows you to:

  • Protect Against Audits
  • Identify Charting Errors
  • Stop Under Billing
  • Improve Reimbursement
  • Detailed Reports
  • Personal, Expert Review
  • Implement Corrective Actions

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