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10 Critical Questions For Physicians In Private Practice

10 Critical Questions for Physicians in Private Practice – eBook (106 pages)

Successful physicians know to focus on what they are good at. They focus on building relationships with patients, being the best doctor they can be, and delivering excellent clinical care.

How can they also be successful in business as practice owners? After all, they have not learned business skills in medical school and residency.

Staffing issues, HIPAA violations, fraud and theft prevention, the risk of medical malpractice lawsuits, and physician burnout are only some topics a practice owner needs to deal with. In other words, there is a lot on a practice owner’s plate.

Fortunately, this book, written by a physician in private practice, is a valuable resource that provides answers. In short, this is a book every practice owner should read.

The Myth of the Rich Doctor

The Myth of the Rich Doctor – eBook (172 pages)

“Doctor, what is the state of your financial health?”, is the question Vicki Rackner, MD, asks in this book.

Are you in a financial position to do what you want to do when you want to do it?

Could you afford to invest in your medical practice, take time off to care for a sick family member, or make a substantial donation to your favorite cause?

This book is your invitation to a frank conversation about physicians’ ultimate taboo topic—money.

Resource: 2021 E&M Guidelines Office/other Outpatient Services

2021 E/M Guidelines for Office and Other Outpatient Services

The training session provides an overview of the new rules pertaining to codes 99202-99215. The new rules are effective January 1, 2021. Watching this video and reviewing the related, downloadable resources will give you a jump-start on this topic.

Contact us if you want us to review and assess the status of medical coding in your practice.

Resource: HIPAA webinar banner 2020

5 Steps to Guarantee HIPAA Success

In this webinar, we describe the five steps to guarantee HIPAA success within a medical practice. This resource provides actionable content. Therefore, watch the recording and then take action and implement the steps to achieve HIPAA compliance in your practice!

Resource: HIPAA webinar banner 2020

HIPAA and Smartphone Use in the Medical Office

Are smartphones HIPAA minefields? What do office managers have to consider? These are questions this webinar addresses. Knowing about the proper use and protection of electronic devices for patient communication in a practice is crucial for HIPAA compliance.

Resource: HIPAA compliance webinar 2019

HIPAA: 7 Fundamentals for Confident Compliance

Would you be ready for a HIPAA audit of your practice? This webinar explains the seven fundamentals of an effective HIPAA compliance program. In conclusion, this is a great resource for those looking for an overview of the fundamentals of HIPAA.

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